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Burma (or Myanmar) is a country which for many years was oppressed by a military dictatorship. Fortunately, recent years have seen an improvement in freedoms.
Many of the ethnic groups on the border areas are largely Christian,
and have suffered persecution for many years.

Since 2007, we have been supporting this Bible College in Yangon.
Our ministry includes sponsorship of student fees, Bible teaching and training for children's ministry.

Students train for pastoral ministry, church planting and children's ministry. They are very active in practical ministry every weekend.

The students are great fun to be with! They enjoy the teaching, and we are encouraged by their enthusiasm!


The students learning how to prepare lessons for children's ministry ...

a and teaching the lessons ...
a complete with original skits!


We provide some financial support for four orphanages.
These are some of the kids.





The next project:

We are currently working on a simple filtration system to remove iron and bacteria from the water, so that the Bible College and orphanages can have safe drinking water.

The photo shows their existing water, after they have filtered it.

Any prayer, advice and help would be appreciated!






Opportunities to help:
Bible College Ongoing sponsorship of Bible College students.
Orphanages Rent, food, clothing and education expenses for the children.
Wisdom for the water filtration project.

Residents in Yangon have to report their activities to local government officials every month - and foreigners are not meant to visit the Bible colleges and orphanages. Pray that our Bible College and orphanages might continue to have good relationships with their neighbours, and the ministries may continue unhindered.

Give thanks! The Lord has been faithful!
Bible College We have been able to sponsor the fees of the Bible College students since 2008.
In the past few years, we have been able to provide financial assistance and gift bags filled with goodies to encourage about 120 orphans.
Since 2012, more freedoms have been allowed in Burma.