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Vietnam is a communist country.

There is a lot of persecution against Christians, especially in the minority ethnic hill-tribes. The hill-tribes (or 'Montagnards') of the central highlands are largely Christian (anything up to 90%); they are of different ethnic origin to the majority Vietnamese; and, during the war, many of them helped the Americans. For these reasons, the communist government in Vietnam persecutes them. There is an active policy of arresting pastors and fathers, confiscating their homes and land (which is their livelihood and food source), and bringing in ethnic Vietnamese to settle their lands (thereby dispersing and assimilating the ethnic groups).

This is B***. She is from a persecuted hill-tribe in the Central Highlands.

She has worked for seven years for an international missions organization in Vietnam, delivering money and medical aid to families of Christians who have been imprisoned for their faith.

In June 2015, while on a 'courier run' to a village, B*** was reported to the police. The police have been seeking to 'interview' B*** - in Vietnam, that often means torture, rape and imprisonment.

In October 2015, B*** and her family decided to flee Vietnam. They are in Thailand now, but their visas have expired, and they are now 'illegal immigrants'.

The family is in process of applying to the UNHCR as asylum seekers, and, Lord willing, hope to come to Australia as refugees. (This may take 3-4 years, if successful!)





B***'s family.

The father was "under probation" because he petitioned the Vietnamese Government not to demolish a church in a nearby town in 2008.

He has suffered a lot of persecution since then.

This is L***. She is B***'s sister. L*** has chosen to stay in Vietnam, to finish her studies as a doctor.

But, since the family has fled, she has faced a lot of trouble from the police and local authorities - they even tried to poison her because she refused to tell the police where the family was.

This "uncle" was imprisoned and tortured for 9 years, simply because he wanted to have the freedom to worship God.

This is E******. He was a close friend of B*****'s at high school. When he was 16, he was arrested for witnessing for Christ at school. In prison, he was forced to eat sand/stones and possibly poison. A few weeks later, he died.

How many of our 16 year olds would be prepared to die for Christ?

How many of us would be prepared to die for Christ?


Pastor H*** is an evangelist/pastor in Saigon who serves the Lord on a 100km circuit ministry to four churches. In addition, he enthusiastically witnesses to anyone who hires his motorbike taxi!

His zeal to learn the Bible, to talk with his "Papa in Heaven", to evangelise and to faithfully minister is truly inspirational!

The Lord allows us to find him every time we go to Saigon - no mean feat in a city of 16 million people!

Opportunities to help:
B**** and her family Financial support for B***'s family in Thailand.
L**** Safety for L*** as she has chosen to stay in Vietnam
Pray especially for wisdom and protection for B*** and her family in Thailand, and for L***, who has chosen to stay in Vietnam.
Pray that the police and government in Vietnam would repent, and see that Christians seek to do good in their country, not evil.
Pray for Pastor H******. He evangelises to dozens of people each week, and ministers to hundreds every Sunday.
B***** told us about one Christian lady in the villages. Her husband was imprisoned 8 years ago for worshipping Christ. The family's land and home were confiscated. And then, 3 years later, the police started coming and raping the wife. There are countless cases like this. Pray for all of their needs - physical, emotional and spiritual.
One year, when we were in Saigon, a Vietnamese man approached us on the footpath. He had an English Bible in one hand, and a Vietnamese Bible in the other. He started witnessesing to us. We told him we were Christians. He went on to explain that he had been arrested 13 times for evangelising. This made him "a risk to national security". He vowed never to stop serving Christ, despite what the authorities do to him. Thank God for his courage!
Give thanks! The Lord has been faithful!
B**** Since 2010, we have been able to help B******* with her own needs, as well as helping her family and those she ministers to.