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The Christian Believer
Basic truths a new believer should understand.


An outline of God's plan for human history.


Old Testament Survey
A chronology of the Old Testament.


New Testament Survey
A summary of all of the books of the New Testament.


The Tabernacle of God
Some of the types in the Tabernacle which pointed to the person and work of the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ.


The Tabernacle - 3D Model
Three page PDF cutout model of the Tabernacle.
Print in colour, plastic laminate, cut out, stick together.
(If you plastic laminate before cutting out, it looks better; holds its shape very well; and can be dismantled, packed flat, and reassembled.)

Tabernacle Cutout - Court
Tabernacle Cutout - Coverings
Tabernacle Cutout - Furniture


The Word Indented Bible
These are my personal Bible study notes in Microsoft Word 2003 format.
They are very much a 'work in progress'.
They include a translation of the Bible (based on the Majority Text, with modifications).
Each verse/sentence is broken into clauses and phrases, and indented to show relationships with previous clauses and phrases (as in basic language diagramming).
In Microsoft Word, rolling over a word (or making footnotes visible) shows parsing information, alternate definitions and other lexical information.
Commentary notes are shown in green text (which can be toggled visible or invisible).

__Foreword Notes
_40_Matthew.doc (not yet done)
_42_Luke.doc (not yet done)
_44_Acts.doc (not yet done)